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spiraleye - music

spiraleye - still

1. one stars light 10.31
2. the first cause 8.37
3. still 10.27
4. zero point energy 20.47
5. watching from within 6.52
6. parallel below 7.12
7. dreaming awake

total time 70.56
composed performed and produced by spiraleye

still - pure ambient soundscapes producing texture, atmosphere, space and stillness.

spiraleye - the space between

1. aether : 4.32
2. highland shadow part 1 : 5.47
3. highland shadow part 2 : 5.46
4. optimal distance : 9.56
5. the endless ocean : 3.10
6. emergence : 4.59
7. contemporaneity : 14.33
8. light and dark : 2.57
9. random orbits : 8.31

total time 60.16

composed, performed and produced by spiraleye

The Space Between is a collection of live improvised recordings made during 2007. The only overdubs, also improvised, are on track 7 Contemporaneity. The pieces are intuitive musical conversations inspired by the theme of the space between in its different forms and are captured during the moment of their creation.

The individual pieces have been arranged to create an environment of ambient immersion and invite the listener on a journey through various states of consciousness. 


Spiraleye is a collaboration featuring Peter Challoner on synths and Neale Haddon on guitar. Challoner, who has graced the EAS reviews page on several occasions, hopes this will serve as a springboard to his first live performances, as well as future albums. The music takes a somewhat different direction than Challoner’s solo work, which is apparent from the beginning of “Aether.” This is quite stripped down, with more or less a single synth playing alongside Haddon’s gently strummed notes. “Highland Shadow” is next, in two parts, another soft interweaving of synths and guitar in very pleasant fashion. What I like best about The Space Between is that it sounds fresh and simple. Though quiet, I hesitate to call it ambient or new age, though I suppose that is the closest categorization. But it seems more deliberate, more intentional than most ambient. Haddon takes center stage at the start of “Optimal Distance.” I really like his approach and what he adds to Challoner’s synths. This one takes an experimental turn, at one point sounding like someone is slowing down the recording while it is playing. Then little clicking percussion dances about, guitars come back in after a brief absence, and the synths start becoming more active. It evolves quite nicely over the duration. Bright sparkling synths dot the seascape in “The Endless Ocean.” The mood remains light and bright throughout, almost playful at times, though it is clear Challoner and Haddon are serious about their craft. Each track is filled with nuance, and although it might be fine as background music I’m more inclined to listen closely to hear every detail.

Phil Derby - Electroambient Space


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Spiraleye - Contemporary Improvised Electronic Music